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That’s the formula most leaders believe will make their business successful.

While accountability and commitment are important in the overall success of a company, studies have shown they aren’t enough.

There are key factors missing, that I believe without fail, are essential for every organization to embrace in order for them to thrive. Without them, the results can be disastrous:

  • Distrust
  • Decreased employee engagement
  • Declining team morale
  • Disinterest in results


Want to know what’s missing?


That’s where I come in.

When people don’t understand what makes them special, they disengage and quickly burn out.

Studies prove that when people feel valued and appreciated they do better quality work and display higher levels of loyalty to the organization.

In our work together, I coach and train clients how to identify specific areas of challenge, develop skills to restore effective communication, discover the best way to show appreciation and create a work environment that embodies your values and vision.

I believe all of our experiences bring us to where we are; we have to value the learning that comes with mistakes, recognize our inherent worth and move forward with confidence and intention, proud of each success.

That’s what wisdom and worthiness at work looks like.

There are essential elements that every manager and leader should learn, understand and implement in their daily interactions with their team.

Through workshops, keynotes, team and 1:1 coaching, I give my clients the tools they need to gain the skills necessary to run effective teams which translates to a powerful competitive edge.


That’s the true formula for success.

Is your organization following a formula that isn’t working?

Let’s have a talk. I’m here to help.

Barbara Churchill is a speaker, leadership coach and corporate trainer based in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

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