Is Leading Like a Man Costing You?

Women have been told for decades that in order to get ahead in the corporate world, they need to learn to “lead like a man.”

Be bold.

Negotiate like a pit bull.

Take risks.

Be aggressive.

In other words, stop being you – if that’s not your natural style.

If you’re subscribing to that advice, have you ever asked yourself what it’s costing you to lead like a man?

(I get passionate about this topic – just sayin’)

At work, if you’re being assertive and direct, you’re perceived as bossy or even the b-word.

If you negotiate with tenacity, you’re perceived as uncompromising.

If you take bold risks, you’re perceived as reckless.

You hear comments like, “That took balls.” Really?! I’m a woman. I don’t have balls nor do I want them. What it took was courage.

All of these are perceived as negatives for women. When a man does them, they are positive traits.


It may feel like a no-win situation.

Is this suggested behavior how you would show up anyway? If not, have you ever asked yourself why you’re doing it?

What is it costing your soul to squash your true self on a daily basis?

What if I told you it doesn’t have to be this way?

You can learn to lead the way you naturally do. It just requires tuning in to what your natural gifts and talents and preferences are.

I’m offering a simple way for you to get to the meat of your style very quickly.

It’s called the Leadership Strategy Session and it’s a power-packed hour with me not only coaching you on your leadership challenges, there’s a bonus that comes with it. You’ll complete an assessment that I’ll review with you so you can see first-hand how you prefer to lead and communicate, and why that’s so important to your success and the success of your team.  Book your session with me today! Just send me an email to with the subject line: Leadership Strategy and I’ll get you all set up.

We as women need to start training our companies how women naturally lead and that it is every bit as effective – dare I say even more – than how it’s been done for decades.

Corporate America is broken in large part because leaders keep doing what they always have and continue to treat women differently.

Take employee engagement rates.

According to a Gallup study, 51% of employees aren’t engaged in the workplace. That’s over half of all employed people in the United States! And 85% of executives site engagement as a top talent issue.

So how do we eat this elephant?

  1. Start by honoring who you really are. If you’re emulating behaviors of the men around you, stop. If you prefer cultivating relationships and have a natural tendency to empathize, then bring more of that to your everyday work life. Realize what your strengths are and use them!
  2. Establish a clear vision. You can imitate men all you like, but unless you have a clear vision for your team or company, it will be in vain. Throw out those old beliefs about success and leadership and get clear on the vision you have for your team. The more clarity you have the more passion you’ll convey. The more passion you show, the more buy-in you’ll get from your team.
  3. Don’t take challenges personally. Women have a tendency to take responsibility for problems that aren’t theirs and blame themselves. When that happens the power of your message is completely lost. When faced with a problem, separate yourself from the issue at hand. Become solution-focused and remember the bigger picture – solving the issue.

Start with these tips and notice how you feel in future situations.

And remember to book your Leadership Strategy Session with me today by sending an email to with the subject Leadership Strategy.

It’s time to embrace your feminine power.

It’s time to authentically lead your team.

It’s time to Live It Real™!

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