Are You Drinking the Clarity Kool-Aid®?

In a recent call with my business coach, we were working on a new program for me to offer my corporate clients.

Coach: Why is fixing poor communication so important to your clients?

Me: It’s costing them millions of dollars every year!  The tool I offer has several practical applications as well as offering a foundation for their companies.

It strengthens the organization through and through. It creates a common language that everyone in the company understands and utilizes. New hires are on-boarded and trained. The message is, “This is our culture. We are so about clear and open and honest communication AND understanding how other people work.”

We continued for a few more minutes and with each question she asked, I became more and more animated and passionate.

Coach: My God, what are you drinking?!

Me: What? Um, water?

Coach: No, my dear, you are drinking the Clarity Kool-Aid®. You are so crystal clear on who you serve, what you do and why you do it. This is so powerful! Keep going!

Now, I’m not really drinking Kool-Aid® (although cherry was always my fave).

I’ve been listening.

Not to the usual outside sources: colleagues, business gurus, “everyone” as in “everyone else is doing it this way….”

Not to the one HUGE inner source that never supports me: my Inner Critic voice.

I’ve been listening to another inner voice, one that is wise, knows exactly what my next right steps are and encourages me – OK, pushes me – to play bigger.

My Inner Wise Leader.

Yep. That’s the real me and whenever I listen to her advice my choices become clear.

I know exactly why what I do is valuable and why companies need my services.

How about you?

Who are you listening to? Who are you taking direction from?

Are you looking “out there” for your answers?

Too often we look to outside sources for the cure to what ails us, only to find that there’s no “one size fits all” solution.

Whether you’re a in a new management role or are a senior level executive, you’re going to have challenges that you aren’t sure how to handle and you’ll rely on your automatic response of asking for advice from those around you.

OR – you may not ask and stay in the spin cycle of second guessing yourself.

When that happens, weeks, months even years can go by with no action being taken.

That kind of leadership isn’t really leadership, right?

Getting advice and opinions is helpful up to a point. It’s when you become dependent on those outside resources for your decision making and direction that there’s a problem.

This week I invite you to try something different.

Look inward.

Notice the messages you’re hearing.

Are the majority of them negative? Are they filled with self-doubt or cynicism? Are they mired in the problem or focused on a solution?

Take a few minutes daily to ask what your next right steps are. Keep a journal on what you hear.

Be still and listen to what your inner wise leader has to say.

You’ll be amazed at what you learn.

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