3 Mindsets that Keep You on the Strive-and-Drive Treadmill

I have a client who is an emerging leader within her company and the work we’re doing together is helping her strengthen her leadership muscle. She’s really making strides, but is having a difficult time making one very important shift.

She’s always been great at execution and gets more done in one day than many people get done in a week. She prides herself on being able to tackle any size task and not only complete it, but over deliver. Her expertise is deep and she is brilliant at taking a complicated project and forming it into an easily digestible task with checkpoints and systems throughout. She has built a reputation of being the “go to” person to get things done and she’s very proud of that. It’s a badge of honor for her and she uses it to prove her value.

Now, you might be wondering why she’s in coaching. You might be thinking, “What the heck does she need to shift?”

Let me explain.

There is a downside to that kind of mindset.

When you are on the strive-and-drive treadmill, it’s very difficult to get off. The longer you’re on it, the deeper you firmly believe that you must stay on it in order to keep your job and have any hope of moving up the corporate ladder.

I’m here to offer you a different take on this. It’s all about making a shift in your mindset – what you tell yourself and what you choose to believe – that can make the biggest impact on your performance.

This shift is crucial to your success.

Are you using these excuses – or others you have – to keep yourself from your own stretching beyond your comfort zone?

Do you want to find out how to finally get off that treadmill and lead like you know deep down you can?

Join me at The Exhale Retreat™ where I’ll share with you how to get off that treadmill and make the identity shift that is crucial to your success.

You’ll be engaging with other powerful women who are challenged by the same things you are – at work and in life – and spend the much-needed time away from all your other distractions and “shoulds” to focus on you. The Exhale Retreat™ is the perfect combination of relaxation, deep inner work, connection and fun!

Here’s my wish for you: Realize how important you are. Put in the effort for you, rather than everyone else. Luxuriate in a gorgeous wooded setting, away from the noise of everyday life. You’ll be pampered at the spa and your every need will be met from the moment you arrive. You’ll be served delicious food, walk in the woods or stroll on the beach. Nature is a tremendous motivator for discovery. We’ll have bonfires every night featuring deep conversations and possibly a s’more or two.

What might unfold in you when you take the time to listen to your Inner Wise Leader?

What might you discover about yourself or uncover that you already knew, that your busyness kept you from hearing?

When you allow the circle of support to envelop you, magical things happen.

Registration is open right now so make plans to be there and put yourself on the top of your list. The Exhale Retreat™ is a place where everything is possible.


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