Time Away is Life Changing

Can you believe how fast summer is zipping along? It’s already August and you know what that means: you try to cram in all the activities you didn’t do before kids start heading back to school (we’re moving all 3 of mine, 1 per day, over the Labor Day weekend). Pretty soon September will flow right into October and then come the holidays!

Sheesh! Time seems to be a a premium, doesn’t it?

Why not invest your time on the most precious and valuable thing in your life – you!

That’s what Teresa did and I had the pleasure of interviewing her this week on the impact The Exhale Retreat had on her career and life.

She arrived exhausted and spent from too many hours spent working and ignoring signs that a change was in order. So much pressure had built up inside her, she knew she needed to immerse herself in a place that would foster growth as much as it would support her to let go.

She knew she needed a new and clear vision – and she received so much more.

Yes, powerful transformation CAN happen in a long weekend away. I invite you to watch and listen as she shares how her life has changed for the better.

Making the decision to invest in yourself and your future by experiencing the power that a group of successful, whole-hearted women create – now that’s wisdom and worthiness at work.

Register today for The Exhale Retreat™, and experience the power of time away.

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