Women Do This to Themselves

Women do this to themselves all the time.

We see something that we know would be an amazing experience and we would benefit in so many ways and yet we hesitate to make a decision to grab the opportunity.

We see it for the first time and say, “I can’t.” Or maybe, “I wish…”

We see it for a second time and think, “Oh I really want to go to that. I wonder…”

And yet, no action is taken.

This is what women do to themselves. They look at it say, Nope, can’t do it. Nope too expensive and shut it down immediately.

And then they see it again, because The Universe keeps bringing them the things that they most need to do. We get it back in front of us and say, “Huh, there it is again.”

Then the 3rd and 4th time, we better be paying attention because it’s not by accident that we’re seeing it again. It’s like the Universe is saying, “You really need to do this. How can you make this happen?”

I know this happens to you. It happens to me, too. And I’ve learned over the years to pay attention.

That’s what I want you to do. Pay attention. You are getting messages that you’re not listening to. You keep hearing about The Exhale Retreat™ and you haven’t registered yet.

These are all excuses that are holding you back.

I know all the excuses your mind is creating:

“I shouldn’t spend the money on myself.” Investing in you is a sure thing.

“I can’t take time away from work or my family.” Time away is crucial to keeping creativity alive, plus you’ll return a happier person. Win for everyone!

Register for The Exhale Retreat™ today!

Give your soul what she craves. And listen closely while she says thank you.

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