What Do You Really Value?


We talk about them.

We say we have them.

We get frustrated or angry when someone doesn’t value the same things we do.

Let me ask you this: Could you name your top five values quickly?

I know one of mine is accountability because I’ve been dealing with a business situation for the last few months that has pushed that value to the limits.

It’s been fascinating – and incredibly frustrating – to watch the leaders of a company from whom I purchased a service/product go about delivering what they promised.

Their promises were filled with words that were wonderful and inspiring; rich with possibilities.

The reality was they didn’t deliver.

What they delivered was sub-standard and nothing close to what was promised.

Now, for someone like me who has a very strong value of accountability, you can imagine how this landed. (A few expletives outta my mouth I must admit)

I believe in doing what you say you’re going to do. Delivering what you say you’re going to deliver. Seems pretty simple, right? (I am currently working on a satisfactory solution with the company. Lots of wasted time and energy.)

Accountability is also part of the work I do within organizations with leaders and their teams. I made sure to incorporate it into my work – it’s that important to me.

What’s important to you?

What values are absolute deal-breakers for you?

I deliver a ½ -day workshop for organizations that involves a deep-dive into what values are, what they mean to us and how to find yours. It’s a powerful experience and eye-opening for many who thought they knew what their values were. This process informs how their company shows up in the world, not just in a mission statement, but in their organizational culture.

It’s so powerful that I include it as part of The Exhale Retreat™ experience.

We’ll have a robust discussion and you’ll have time to reflect with a worksheet of though-provoking questions to guide you.

Why values?

Because you use them every day.

You use them to make decisions – small and large.

You use them in how you interact with co-workers, friends, family, strangers.

You use them internally as your compass.

Because they are at the core of what drives you.

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