The Power of Women Networks

Are you a networker?

Do you love attending networking events, meeting new people and sharing ideas?

If you aren’t I completely understand. It’s not comfortable and feels weird, especially if the group requires you to stand and give a 30 second commercial for yourself, then give referrals to others in the group based on the only fact that they are part of the group.

If you love these kinds of events, have you asked yourself what benefit do you really get from them and how often you really want to participate in them?

I am a firm believer in networking, don’t get me wrong. I’ve had some great experiences and I’ve had some pretty bogus ones where I felt my time and energy were wasted.

It’s because I wasn’t choosing from a place of authenticity. I was choosing from what others said I “should” do or where I “needed” to be in order to grow my business.

So, a year ago, I decided to participate only in those groups that I felt I could make a contribution and where I would gain key connections that benefited my business.

It had to be both for me. I can’t come from a “take” mentality. Doesn’t feel right to me.

I’ve also been involved with a couple mastermind groups and I must say they have had THE most profound impact on me and my business.

I have met the most incredible women in the last year, that are completely aligned with how I like to not only do business, but show up in the world. I have learned on a deep level from them and contributed to the learning and evolution of the groups.

It has been one of the most intense and rich experiences of my life.

That’s the power of women coming together for a common good.

We’ve shared ideas and solutions to issues each of us are experiencing.

We’ve brainstormed how to handle certain situations; supporting and encouraging each other along the way – especially when things got difficult.

We’ve cheered each other on for our successes.

We’ve helped each other reframe the word “failure” and think differently about its meaning for us and the teams we lead.

We lift each other up.

We believe in one another.

Never underestimate the power of a small group of women leaders.

That’s why I keep my retreats to a small number of attendees.

Being around other women in leadership roles – hearing their challenges as well as their successes – makes a huge impact over a very short time.

Only 3 nights away and you’ll leave with at the very least new connections and at the very most a budding friendship of someone who “gets” you.

Only a couple spots remain. Join us at The Exhale Retreat™ and register today!

Make the decision to redefine networking and start taking yours to the next level. Take action to creating the kind of connections that are not only strategic, they’re meaningful as well.

Small group of women.

Deep connection.

Lasting impact.

Register today for The Exhale Retreat™!

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