Step Out of Your Box

(Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash)


“The world shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”   – Anaïs Nin


I can’t.

That’s a phrase used so often in our lives, right?

You didn’t know the meaning of that phrase when you came into this world. First, you crawled, then you walked. Your world expanded.

Next, you tackled riding a bike and your world opened up a little more. Then, driving a car – now that was when you felt you could go anywhere and do anything.


So, what happened to that feeling?

Self-doubt started to creep in.

“I shouldn’t go on the girls weekend this year, I’ve got too much to do.”

The world shrinks a little bit.

“I can’t apply for that promotion. I haven’t been here long enough and proven my worth.”

And the world shrinks a little more.

Each time you use an excuse or explain away why you shouldn’t or can’t, you end up stuck in your own little box with the top secured tight.

No adventures. No lessons.

No life.

Oh, I get it. Boxes can be comfortable. I’ve sat in a few myself over the years – even brought in lamps, pictures for the walls and comfortable furniture. (I’m a bit of an over-achiever). Boxes give you the false sense of safety.

They also keep you playing small.

That’s what happens when you let your fears be your guide. You crawl back into a box.

You let your Inner Critic take the wheel and make your decisions for you. Never a good idea.

Here’s my challenge to you: Find one tiny I can’t in your life and take it out of the box. In fact, crush that box and throw it away for good.

Each time you have success with a tiny box, you’ll be able to move onto the bigger ones. Then, you’ll tackle those one by one, too.

Apply for that dream job. What’s the worst that could happen? You don’t get it. OK. No biggie.

You’ll learn more about yourself, find out more about that job you’ve been dreaming about so you can begin to take action toward a promotion and discover that you really have a ton to offer regardless of how long you’ve worked at the company.

Always wanted to play the piano? Interview teachers.

Learn a new language. (I’m learning Italian because I love how it sounds and dream of a vacation there soon.)

You can do this.

Take the lid off your box.

Poke your head out and see the amazing world you live in!

“Find a fear, then turn it into a ladder. Get out of the box of doubt and insecurity and into the freedom of courage and belief in yourself.” – Melody Beattie

Courage isn’t the absence of fear.

Courage is feeling the fear – and doing it anyway.

Believe in yourself. I do.

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