Barbara Churchill is dynamic, high-energy, engaging and has an uncanny ability to connect with an audience while delivering powerful information in a style that leaves you wanting more. A speaker, facilitator, leadership coach, consultant, TV personality and business owner, she can be found on a college campus, at a sales conference or in the board room sharing her messages of personal development and empowerment.

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“Wow! Barbara is a passionate, high-energy speaker. She recently spoke at our Women In Supply Chain event on Authentic Leadership and the audience loved her. She had women engaged, laughing and looking at how they lead in new ways. The feedback we received was great. Two thumbs up! I highly recommend Barbara and look forward to working with her again” Rachel Bork, Regional Transportation Manager, General Mills

” Listening to you speak – your energy is out of this world!” – Thomas Mulcahy, business owner, Minneapolis, Minnesota

“I had to tell you how much I enjoyed you these past two days.  You are so powerful.  You made me laugh and you made me cry.” – Jennifer M., entrepreneur, San Francisco, California

Barbara has been mentoring working women for over twenty years. Having built and run several successful businesses herself with revenues in seven-figures, she has learned what it takes to create the kind of work/life balance that is meaningful and sustainable. Passionate about developing emerging women leaders, Barbara has led engagement and productivity training for large corporations as well as intimate workshops for both small and medium sized businesses. Barbara continues to be invited by Microsoft to lead a session on confidence and is a frequent media guest in the Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN market.
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Barbara believes every woman should have permission to be themselves and writes regularly about embracing imperfection, tuning out the noisy world and trusting intuition. She also leads retreats that help women unplug from the frenzy of daily life and reconnect their authentic selves. That’s wisdom and worthiness at work.



Conquering Your Inner Critic: Ditch the Doubt. Claim Your Confidence.

This powerful presentation will help you find your voice and take control of where you want to go next. You’ll learn how to deal with that negative voice – the one that tells you a thousand reasons why you can’t – and tune into your true voice, your inner wise self, the real you who knows – not just that you can, but that you must.

In it you’ll learn:

  • What is that negative voice in your head and why is it there?
  • How to identify when it shows up and what to do about it
  • Tools to manage self-sabotage
  • How to tap into your inner wise leader

The true sign of leadership is letting go of judgment. And that begins with yourself. When you learn to show yourself the same compassion you show others, trusting your wise self and choosing your steps with confidence, you are able to show up more fully for others.

Masterful Leadership: How Your Communication Style Sets the Stage for Team Success

Do you wonder why it’s easier to communicate with certain people than it is with others? Are you frustrated when members of your team just don’t get you? Do you want to know how to finally be understood and create a more productive team?

Learn the four types of communication priorities and preferences people choose and how to effectively communicate with them all.

This interactive presentation will show you:

  • What your natural communication preference is
  • How your style differs from others and how to recognize those differences
  • How to effectively communicate with differing styles to build lasting relationships and create a cohesive  and effective team

Successful leadership is not just having a great idea. Stand out from the rest by showing your team you really understand them and what their needs are by speaking their language. This presentation is perfect for anyone who leads a team – large or small – on a regular basis.

Looking for a custom program or keynote to hire Barbara Churchill to present? Great!

Several of my clients let me know about particular needs they have for their occasion. They frequently pick a blend of what I offer. Working together,  we’ll examine what your particular needs are, what you need your group of participants to gain from a motivational message, and together we can make an extraordinary event. Whatever we choose, I promise you it will be energetic, loaded with actionable steps that can be used right away and fun. I am looking forward to assisting you in creating an event like no other. Schedule your call with me today!

Event Planners: Barbara’s Speaker Sheet is available to download here: 

Barbara Churchill Speaker Sheet   


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