Meet Barbara

women's leadership coachBarbara Churchill is a sought-after leadership coach, specializing in emerging and senior level leaders, and is passionate about empowering people to embrace their leadership skills and step into more challenging roles.

As an engaging and inspiring presenter who mixes humor with a powerful message, Barbara has been mentoring working men and women for over twenty years. Having built and run three successful businesses herself with revenues in seven-figures, she has learned what it takes to create the kind of work/life balance that is meaningful and sustainable. Creator of the Live It Real™ Leadership Coaching program, Barbara combines her leadership and communication expertise and works with large corporations as well as small and medium sized businesses. Barbara continues to be invited by Fortune 100 companies to lead sessions on self-confidence and leadership; and is a frequent television guest in the Twin Cities market.

It’s not about “strive and drive.”

It’s about creating your unique leadership style that enables employees to feel excited, creative and productive.

Where teams work collaboratively toward a common goal and take great pride in its achievement.

Where managers are empowered and prepared to facilitate it all.

Simple to say. Tricky to do.

And that’s where Barbara jumps in to help.

She works with companies who have noticed dropping levels of productivity and engagement. Through workshops, keynotes, team and one-on-one coaching, she sees her job as helping create a company culture that reflects core values and vision.

Some other things you should know about Barbara:

She believes work should be fun and she laughs – a lot – so her approach may be different than what you’ve tried in the past.

She’s a Master Certified Leadership & Life Coach.

She’s been married over 25 years and is a mom of 3 incredible young adults.

Her dog’s name is Winston (what else?)

She believes one can never have too much chocolate.

She’s also passionate about empowering women leaders and leads retreats twice a year at a beautiful Minnesota resort.

Imagine leading a team made up of people who genuinely love what they do, are determined to go the extra mile, collaborate on common goals and celebrate their shared successes!

Sounds great, right?

You can have that.

You should have that.

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