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Sick of feeling like no matter what you do, you’re never enough?

Have you ever thought to yourself…
“What’s wrong with me that I’m not moving to the next level?”
“They are going to find out I’m really not as good as they think I am.”
“I’ll work harder and longer to prove I’m good enough.”

The more successful and skilled you are, the more likely you suffer from Imposter Syndrome. And you’re in good company – 70% of the US population suffer with this and it’s especially prevalent in female leaders.

And – you don’t have to stay there. 


It’s time to stop waiting.
Stop waiting to invest in yourself.
Stop waiting until your spouse says what you think you need to hear to finally give yourself permission.
Stop waiting until you get that next promotion.
Stop waiting until you lose 20 pounds.
Stop waiting. Stop waiting. Stop waiting.

I work with high-achieving professional women to help them get to their next level. I help them get past the blocks they keep bumping their heads against on the way up. We smash through that glass ceiling – the real one and the one that is self-imposed. The truth is, we get in our own way. Our own brains keep us stuck. It’s not somebody else, it’s everything that we think. I should know, I’ve been there. My brain kept me in places that I didn’t want to be, but I didn’t know it until I learned how to be a coach. Now I help other women get unstuck.

When you work with me I will teach you how to:

Feel self-confident down to your toes

Increase your influence
Enhance your communication effectiveness
Clarify your vision

I’ll teach you the difference between confidence and self-confidence.

You’re going to learn how to own:

Your expertise Who you are- really How you show up What skills you have Your Brilliance

You’re going to get bolder. You’re going to get braver. You’re going to get infinitely more “you.”

Life is too short to keep standing in the way of your own happiness and success.

When we team up I promise you will break past those blocks and become the woman you have always been deep down.

Let’s work together to make the changes you need to make and live the life you’ve always wanted.

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women's leadership coach


“Coaching with Barbara was one of the best investments I have ever made in myself. Her keen coaching skills crossed into every area of my life. It wasn’t just about my business and increasing revenues. It encompassed building my relationships, understanding what I needed and how to ask for it, and how to understand why I react in certain ways in certain situations. I found a balance in my life and am now working on continuing to make my priorities a priority rather than just talking about them. I looked forward to each and every call with her knowing that I was going to move forward and be asked thought-provoking questions. She provided the space and patience for me to find the answers that were the right fit for me. My business grew at a rate that was unimaginable to me while I gained more and more confidence. I would absolutely recommend Barbara’s coaching services to anyone – individual or corporation – to work with her and experience her amazing talents. It truly has changed my life!”

Jill Roehl Small Business Owner

women's leadership coach


“Barbara truly helped me to discover a process and peace in planning and working toward the goals I desired to set for myself. The process allowed me to feel both balanced and blessed as well as challenged and motivated. It was something I deeply needed in my life. Her personalized approach matched my goals perfectly. I never felt like I was in a one-size-fits-all program. She provided a fantastic combination of both encouragement and instruction with accountability. I began to build a business and lifestyle that is sustainable for the long term while still reaching short term goals. She was masterful at helping me gain clarity and confidence and encouraged me to stretch beyond my comfort zone. I highly recommend her!”

Teresa Cleveland
Small Business Owner

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