Praise for Barbara

Authentic Women, Amazing Results

“My coaching experience with Barbara has been nothing short of fantastic. Barbara’s approach to coaching is insightful and impactful. She helped me break through old mindsets I didn’t even know were hindering my abilities. I learned how to approach leadership and communications with a more well-rounded and authentic lens. Barbara truly cares about me as an individual and wants to help me be my authentic self as a confident leader, and I appreciated her commitment to that endeavor. She gave me the tools I needed to begin to discover and craft my authentic leadership style. Within a few sessions I began to feel that I was breaking out of old habits and mindsets that were holding me back. I became more and more confident in my leadership and communication skills and my team noticed the difference. I highly recommend Barbara and her Live It Real™ Leadership Coaching program to anyone who wants to become the leader they are meant to be!”  – Kate D., Training Manager


women's leadership coach“Coaching with Barbara was one of the best investments I have ever made in myself.  Her keen coaching skills crossed into every area of my life.  It wasn’t just about my business and increasing revenues. It encompassed building my relationships, understanding what I needed and how to ask for it, and how to understand why I react in certain ways in certain situations.   I found a balance in my life and am now working on continuing to make my priorities a priority rather than just talking about them. I looked forward to each and every call with her knowing that I was going to move forward and be asked thought-provoking questions. She provided the space and patience for me to find the answers that were a right fit for me. My business grew at a rate that was unimaginable to me while I gained more and more confidence.  I would absolutely recommend Barbara’s coaching services to anyone – individual or corporation – to work with her and experience her amazing talents.  It truly has changed my life!” – Jill Roehl, small business owner

“I have had the most successful year yet in my business and I can directly trace over one million dollars of increased revenue to my coaching work with Barbara. She knew the questions to ask that got me to the answers I needed, both in my professional and personal life. She guided me and held me accountable not with guilt, but rather she showed me how much she believed in me, which helped me believe in myself. I now have more confidence in myself and the impact that has had on my business is tremendous. She is a life changer and a world shaker!” – B. Johnson, REALTOR

women's leadership coach“Barbara truly helped me to discover a process and peace in planning and working toward the goals I desired to set for myself. The process allowed me to feel both balanced and blessed as well as challenged and motivated.  It was something I deeply needed in my life. Her personalized approach matched my goals perfectly. I never felt like I was in a one-size-fits-all program.  She provided a fantastic combination of both encouragement and instruction with accountability. I began to build a business and lifestyle that is sustainable for the long term while still reaching short term goals. She was masterful at helping me gain clarity and confidence and encouraged me to stretch beyond my comfort zone. I highly recommend her!” Teresa Cleveland, small business owner

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