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Barbara Churchill can move a room and inspire hearts to reach new levels of performance. Laser-focused, insightful, and equipped to transform cultures, Barbara Churchill is brought into corporations to support leaders and executive teams. She helps break down barriers in communication styles and illuminates why perception matters. She gives emerging leaders tools to not only lead but coach their employees – something that internal programs are often missing.

Barbara helps create new common language in corporations to facilitate conversations that aren’t being had, but are contributing to breakdown. This common language forges more cohesive teams, driving performance and profits.

All performance issues are communication breakdowns. You want better performance? Get connected to your people.leadership speaker minneosta

Barbara is a champion for bringing back the human factor in corporations. Results-driven and heart-led, she will inspire greater performance because she understands this simple truth: Humans are not machines. They need to feel valued and acknowledged. They need to know their extra efforts matter. Ignoring this truth can cost a medium or large corporation millions of dollars in lost productivity or low employee morale. Barbara helps bridge the goals of a corporation with the hearts and minds of employees who are the grassroots engine making growth possible.

Humans at the core need connection. Even the most introverted people need connection. Technology cannot ever be a substitute for strong leadership that connects.

Contact Barbara today to discuss your goals and see how she can bring her strategic insight and passion for human power into your organization.

Event Planners: Barbara’s Speaker Sheet is available to download here: 

Barbara Churchill Speaker Sheet   





“Wow! Barbara is a passionate, high-energy speaker. She recently spoke at our Women In Supply Chain event on Authentic Leadership and the audience loved her. She had women engaged, laughing and looking at how they lead in new ways. The feedback we received was great. Two thumbs up! I highly recommend Barbara and look forward to working with her again” Rachel Bork, Regional Transportation Manager, General Mills

” Listening to you speak – your energy is out of this world!” – Thomas Mulcahy, business owner, Minneapolis, Minnesota

“I had to tell you how much I enjoyed you these past two days.  You are so powerful.  You made me laugh and you made me cry.” – Jennifer M., entrepreneur, San Francisco, California


The Perception Pivot™: Shift How Your Show Up and Lead

Feeling unheard? Not getting your point across? Frustrated with unproductive meetings?

Newsflash: You can’t change your team. But you can change how you show up. It’s all about perception: yours and others.

When you realize that people perceive things differently than you…BOOM, your world opens up. How you lead changes!

We expect everyone to see things the way we do, when in fact they don’t. Learn how different communication styles affect your ability to make a connection and how just a few tweaks can catapult your effectiveness as a leader.

With effective leadership, there is less drama, better focus, and higher productivity. Win-win!

Ditch the Doubt. Claim Your Confidence

Who’s making your decisions…the bully in your brain or your inner wise leader?

Nobody wants to talk about self-doubt because as a leader, you are not supposed to have it. But guess what? We all do and it’s affecting every decision… including when you need to:

  • Deal with difficult people who are disrupting your team
  • Stand up and speak your truth in a meeting (even when it’s not popular)
  • Deliver that presentation and rock it when it really counts
  • Navigate stressful corporate change and every-day fires

You need the confidence to make wiser, stronger and clearer decisions. You don’t have time to listen to an inner critic filled with self-doubt that can derail you.

In this provocative presentation, Barbara Churchill makes it safe to talk about self-doubt. She unveils the power of working with people’s inner critics to order to strengthen confidence and performance.

Take Your Team from Potential to Powerhouse

Forget pizza parties and happy hours. If your company is paying lip-service to employee recognition, it’s likely costing you big time. If you are using a one-size fits all approach to reward employees, you are missing the mark.

Can you really afford to lose good people?

Most corporations can’t. Re-hiring, re-training, lost knowledge, and team disruption are all real costs that stack up. The stakes are even higher if your company is navigating a period of change, rapid growth, or a corporate re-organization.

The solution? Build a language for appreciation that acknowledges the uniqueness of your workforce and what truly motivates people. Barbara shows you exactly how in this powerhouse presentation.

Looking for a custom program or keynote to hire Barbara Churchill to present? Great!

Several of my clients let me know about particular needs they have for their occasion. They frequently pick a blend of what I offer. Working together,  we’ll examine what your particular needs are, what you need your group of participants to gain from a motivational message, and together we can make an extraordinary event. Whatever we choose, I promise you it will be energetic, loaded with actionable steps that can be used right away and fun. I am looking forward to assisting you in creating an event like no other. Schedule your call with me today!

Event Planners: Barbara’s Speaker Sheet is available to download here: 

Barbara Churchill Speaker Sheet   


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